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"My Heritage Book was a great intro- duction into the world of genealogy for my child. This has already started to create an interest in her genealogy and where her ancestors came from. Thank you for igniting the flame for her interest in family history. She is my new research partner." ~ David Allen Lambert, Genealogist, appears each week on the Family History Radio Show “Extreme Genes”

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful gift for me. This book helps tell me the regions my ancestors come from. I have already showed this to some of my friends and they want one too! This book has made me want to ask more questions about my ancestors!" ~ Sincerely, Hannah L., age 12

"My Heritage Book takes families on a wonderful journey into their pasts, while exploring their origins. It's a true gift to genealogy that should be in every home, so young people can find out truly who they are and where they came from, while bonding with those they love." ~ Trina Robinson, NBC 6 Anchor

"The book is delightful and wonderful - a true educational celebration of roots, customs, and human diversity." ~ Vilmarie S /Durham, NH

"We have received the order and thank you so much. The books are beautiful and I look forward to having my children keep them for a long time. Thank you again."~ Felicia H /West Palm Beach, FL

"We just received my son's My Heritage Book and it is beautiful!! We love it! What a great idea! I'm going to tell all the girls in my book club about it."~ Dana S /Alpharetta, Georgia

"My son simply loves his My Heritage Book. He reads it frequently and took it to school when they were studying the ancestry of the students in his class. Everyone who sees the book is impressed with the content and the illustrations. It really is a special keepsake and I am sure he will love having it to give to his children someday. Thank you for creating such a unique book. We could not be more pleased." ~ Susan P /Parma, Duffy OH

"I just purchased this special book for my Goddaughter. It defines her heritage and gives fun facts for her to understand more about where her family originated. This book is really beautiful and makes an excellent gift! Thank you!" ~ Teresa L /Miami, FL

"Just wanted to tell you how much I loooooooooooved the book! It hasn't made it back to us yet because everyone in the family is reading it and loving it! I was really impressed and so happy that you captured my favorite things from Nicaragua, like the volcanoes and the sharks in the lake, and the food . . . you really did your homework and it was well appreciated! Excellent concept and well done my friend! I will have more orders for you soon!" ~ Dina M /Coral Springs, Florida

"WOW . . . gorgeous! My friends loved it. My Heritage Book will be a tradition every time I need a child's gift. Thank you so much!" ~ Kathy M /Carmel, New York

"I received your books and I am thrilled! But even more . . . my grandchildren LOVE them. Thank you so much for your efficient response to my order." ~ April M /Melbourne, Florida

"Every My Heritage Book that I have given has been a success. In fact, the parents are often in awe. They always learn something that they did not know about their heritage." ~ Linda V /Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We LOVE our book. It is a great concept and a wonderful way for children to learn about what makes each family unique!" ~ Becky W /Raleigh, NC

"We just received our daughter's My Heritage Book and we love it! It's really neat and we've already read it to her! Great job on it and we will definitely be referring it to others!" ~ Christie F /Elmwood Park, Illinois

"I really love your books! They are so nicely done, and you do such a great job of choosing the information about each country that will most interest the kids. I've told so many of my friends about your books." ~ Kara P /Leesburg, Virginia

"What a lovely idea for books for kids. People, these days, are so disconnected from extended families that they often lose track of what their heritage is all about. Your books give them a glimpse of where they come from." ~ Sally S /Bonita Springs, Florida

"Congratulations on this marvelous book! The pictures on each page are beautiful. We are enjoying it so much. Thank you for a great book that is both accurate and entertaining." ~ Ninette K /Hollywood, Florida

"My daughter just loves her heritage book and I do too. It's a great way to share your heritage with your kids. I've ordered them for all my young nieces and nephews." ~ Sara R /Henderson, Nevada

"My Heritage Book is like a wonderful and interesting history lesson. I can't wait for my granddaughter to be able to learn about the wonderful countries of Italy and Colombia that are her heritage. She is already being spoken to in Spanish by her Colombian grandmother! The illustrations are magnificent and the content of the book is so interesting not only for a child, but also for an adult. I am learning things I did not know. I plan to give this as a gift to any new parent. There is no better gift I can think of!" ~ Lorraine C /Patterson, New York

"This book makes a great gift for my family members - the ability to sit and read with a child within the family and teach them about our family's heritage is priceless!" ~ Lorie M /Miami, Florida

"My Heritage Book is truly the best and most original gift we've received. Our family and friends will hear all about it!" ~ Jorge & Tanya G /Miami, Florida

"This is truly a one-of-a-kind idea for a children's book. I have never seen anything like it. It's a real keepsake and a great educational tool for a child." ~ Candie M /Port Chester, New York

"I received My Heritage Book as a gift and I absolutely love it! It is so unique. There is nothing else out there like this! The topics are extremely well-written and interesting, and the illustrations are beautiful. It is obvious that a lot of time went into the preparation of this book. If you are looking for a gift that someone will treasure forever, this is the book for you!" ~ Heather B /Sunrise, Florida

"My son received his My Heritage Book as a gift and we couldn't be more thrilled with it! What a great way for my child to learn about the customs of his ancestors; from the foods they ate, to the rituals they practiced. I've learned things I didn't even know! Our book contains Italy, Ireland, and Poland; the illustrations are gorgeous and capture the author's words beautifully. This book allows children of all ages to begin taking a first look into discovering the fascinating facts about their ancestors and how some of the values and customs are still practiced in their own family today. There is even pages for my son to start his own family tree and to write about his favorite customs and family past times. My Heritage Book is a must have for any family; it opens up a whole new world of questions and fun, and is a much welcomed break from the monotonous board books and video games." ~ Jen N, Chicago, IL

"WOW! What a great idea! I love this book. It's so educational and informative. I'm sure it's going to be a hit among children and parents, and it's probably going to be used by schools as well. Very interesting the way it ends, I always believed that interaction makes things more fascinating. Children will be thrilled to fill the lines out with their families' history, and the illustrations were beautifully and creatively done." ~ Zina O /Davie, Florida

"I gave My Heritage Book to a friend when her daughter was born. She could not have been more thrilled! Anyone looking for a great and very unique gift - this is it!" ~ Shannon N /Los Angeles, California

"My Heritage Book is a wonderfully unique and educational book for children of all ages. My son, who is only 2, loves looking at the beautiful illustrations and learning about the faraway places his grandparents came from. We will cherish it for years to come! I have also given it as a gift several times and have received nothing but rave reviews. In fact, a friend of mine from Brazil actually had tears in his eyes as he read about his country that he misses dearly. His children are 5 and 2 and they absolutely love their books that were written especially for each of them. If you have children or grandchildren, this book is a must have!!" ~ Nicole H /Carmel, New York

"As a teacher, I would highly recommend this book for young readers wishing to learn more about their heritage. The reading is interesting and informative (I learned even more about Italy and Sweden by reading the books with my children), as well as personal with the child's name throughout the book. I was very impressed with the beautiful illustrations, also. This would make a perfect keepsake gift for someone special!" ~ Paige S /Port Chester, New York

"We received the book and it is fantastic! Thanks so much. You have a very wonderful and high quality product that even our 6-month old can appreciate (she loved the illustrations!!!). I am going to save it for her, so when she is ready, she will appreciate the words about her ancestry as well (just as much as her Daddy and Mommy do right now)." ~ Lisa K /Coral Springs, Florida

"We love the book and will absolutely recommend it to friends! This is an incredible way to share heritage with our family. Thank you so much!" ~ Diane M /Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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